HashRental Decentralized Hashing Power marketplace

HashRental marketplace connects sellers (miners) of hashing power with buyers of hashing power through smart contracts, decentralized Escrow. It offers convenient and easy-to-use tools for all crypto-market participants to create as much profit as possible. The only existing large cryptocurrency mining marketplace has been hacked in late 2017. As a result, the market customers lost $60 million. So this seemed like a problem that we could do something about.
Existing other marketplace is a centralized service. It’s a point of weakness. It was only a matter of time until hackers decided to attack this platform, which is exactly what happened.
We've created the First Decentralized Hashing Power Marketplace.
A prior agreement: Soros Fund Management
Under negotiation: hedge funds, venture capital funds, private investors

For Hashing power sellers:

    Sellers (miners) can run HashRental software or connect their mining hardware (GPU Rigs, ASICS, Pcs and smartphones) to HashRental servers (stratum ports). Their hashing power is forwarded automatically:
  • To the pool that the buyer has chosen for mining. Then Sellers get paid* in ETH for renting from smarts contracts after them confirms.
  • To the HashRental pools, if there is no required volume of orders. Then Sellers get paid in ETH from HashRental pools.

  • This is all done automatically and the process does not require complex technical skills.

    *The price for rent is determined by the current weighted average and refreshed each minute.

For Hashing power buyers:

  • Select the cryptocurrency that you want to mine
  • Select a pool on which you want to mine
  • Set needed amount of hashing power
  • Set needed order time period
  • Place calculated amount (or more) of the Luhn coins into the smart contract*. This provides proof-of- funds and allows for a much safer trade. Then:
  • - Successfully confirms receipt of needed amount of hashing power, and releases the escrow.
    - A party raises a dispute, and brings in a third-party arbitrator, giving them the keys to decrypt the messages and work with both parties to make a resolution.
  • Get reward from selected pool in cryptocurrency (Btc, ETH, and any other)
  • Trade complete!
*The smart contract allows users to safely exchange (Luhn coins → hashing power → any other cryptocurrency) with one another and pools, and to name a trusted third-party to mediate a trade if a dispute arises. Currently, the trusted mediator is always hashrental.io, but the contract will be adapted in the future to switch over to a reputation-based distributed arbitrator pool.

Website : https://hashrental.io/
Twitter : https://www.twitter.com/hashrental
Telegram : https://twitter.com/hashrental
Bounty : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3617567.0

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